My profession

I'm a freelance production artist & graphic designer. I specialize in packaging production art, working primarily in the Bay Area, California. Since completing my ‘Bachelor of Science’ degree in Graphic Design, I have been able to experience many aspects of the business. From wine labels, beer, air fresheners, pet food, ice cream, potato chips, coffee, fashion, and even a helicopter ride to a press check! Freelancing has given me the opportunity to work with talented production artists, designers, and account managers. It's a job that requires alot of patience, communication, hardwork and intuitive technical skills. The business is increasingly demanding with time pressures. Under these conditions, it helps to be focused and organized. Working with good people makes a huge difference.

I have been self employed since 1994. I choose to freelance because it allows me to be flexible with my time and I'm able to take time off to travel, be with family and friends or just work on other projects. A good balance between work and personal life is very important to me.

If you are in need of freelance production/design/photogaphy help and are interested in reviewing more of my work, you can contact me here.



Incase 2009 Multiple SKU packaging line for protective cases for Apple products. Although the mechanical & design is simple, extreme attention to detail under tight deadlines was critical. Details consisted of copy detail with multiple languages, color, live UPC and icon features of each product. Total mechanicals would amount to 300-400 SKUs.

CompAny Website 2008 A very specialized, high end comping team. Joanne Jones & Suzanne Long's website was create to promote their skills and capabilities. Designed and created in Adobe GoLive.

Roxannes 2007 A 35 SKUs line extension with about 16 different dielines. 65 mechanicals total. A very fast project with a 2 week turnaround. I was responsible for creating all the mechanical art with accurate copy. All type needed to be within legal standards (ie NLEA, Net Wt., ingredients copy).

Peets Coffee & Tea 2007 An update of the Peets Coffee & Tea beverage and bean menus. I was responsible for taking the new menu design and laying out all the current items and prices in five different menu sizes. These menus were applied nationally. The goal was to make sure the type was legible, proportional and that spacing in between lines were consistent.

Gap Outlet 2006 Designing window posters promoting sales. I enjoyed working with typography and color to achieve a solution. I was able to attend the press checks for these window posters as they were being screen printed on 6-color presses. The posters are 4' x 6' and distributed nationally to all Gap Outlet stores. Turn around from design to instore delivery was appoximately 5 weeks. Most of the time less. Fast, fast, fast...

Drumstick Ice Cream 2005 An example of a line extension. A master layout with all the panel layouts in place. Multiple list of flavors will use this template to extend the flavor to all panels. I like doing line extensions because I'm able to build mechanicals from the ground up making sure everything is in the right place and files are cleaned up as much as possible. Attention to detail is important when creating a line extension - this is where my design background comes in handy. I also like to attend pre-production meetings with separators and printers to make sure that what I'm providing and releasing is what is expected.