I was born on November 1st 1965. On my 30th birthday I decided to take a poloroid
of each day of November starting with my birthday. Each day became a special day.
The following are a selected few of the November 1995 story.

November 1st, 1995

Goodness kills all evil

 November 5th, 1995

They chirped so loudly,
I had to look up

 November 12th, 1995

The Golden Bay Bridge

 November 16th, 1995

Over the bridge again...

 November 17th, 1995

Colors of autumn

 November 18th, 1995

4th street corner

November 20th, 1995


 November 23rd, 1995

Our house

 November 25th, 1995

San Francisco rooftop

 November 26th, 1995

This old red house

 November 27th, 1995