Part 2 – Summer in Chania, Crete
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Another very old olive tree growing inside a 1500 year old structure.
The very old olive tree that kept staring at me but I ignored it because I thought it was a boring shot. I finally gave in and the tree of peace returned a gift to me...
Water babies exploring the amazing blue waters of southern Crete near the town of Paleohora.
One of the most beautiful toddler pools I’ve ever seen. It sits quietly at Giorgi's Blue Apartments.
We follow Julius while he rides his bike through the city of Chania.
Alma zips down to the beach while taking a call from a friend in Boston!
Gabriele’s dog sits patiently with me while Tom throws a pot for Gabrielle.
Tom is creating a face jug for Gabriele. In returrn for Gabriele’s generosity for letting Tom throw at his studio.
Gabriele shares his thoughts on art and life while Tom listens.

Gabriele, originally from Italy, has lived in Crete for 15 years.

The finished face jug with a message for Gabriele.
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