Summer in Chania, Crete
(pronounced “hun-ya”)
June 2001

One of the many beautiful islands located in the southernmost part of Greece. Tom and I arrived very late in the evening after driving 2 hours from the airport of Iraklion. If only we knew that Chania had its own airport...

When we arrived, we tried to locate our friends Alma and Julius’ house in the city of Chania. We had the address - we just needed to find the street. It seemed surreal being in this foreign city driving around in our rental car. There was a very exotic feeling to the city. Some of the homes looked like temples covered with overgrown ivy. We were getting lost... Tom asked me to get out of the car to try and read what the street name was to see if we were close. I got out of the car and looked up at the street sign only to discover it was written in GREEK! How much more lost could we be... We happen to be at the right street corner and after having called our friends from the local bar, Julius walked up the street to welcome us to his beautiful island.

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An alley way in the old quarter of Chania. My amazing point and shoot Yashica T4 has slow shutterspeed capabilities...
A beautiful Cretan sunset absorbed while lounging at Giorgi's Blue Apartments located on the Akrotiri peninsula in the town of Kalathas.
The very impressive reflections of the Venetian harbor of Chania...
Julius treated us to a very unique outdoor movie theatre. We watched Unbreakable starring Bruce Willis and subtitled in Greek.
The spectacular view from our table. No need to ask to sit by a window. Lots of delicious seafood to eat that evening.
A very special ‘fish place’... The tables are set very close the water. So close, you can almost feel it lapping at your feet...
Alma and I exploring the cobblestone alleys of Chania where Zorba the Greek was filmed.
Tom and Julius walking through a park after the flick.
A color version. Moni Katholikou is probably the oldest monastery in Crete.

Its founder is allegedly none other than St. John the Hermit, who spent his life in this area. The monastery church is carved into the rock and only the western side is made of stone. Written by Stephanos Psimenos - Author of Unexplored Crete.

Moni Katholikou Monastery. An interesting doorway that leads you to a church facade built right into a rock in Akrotiri, Crete.
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