Camiguin Island May 1997

My friend Catherine and I wanted to go to a 'not so touristed' island in the Philippines. We chose Camiguin famous for its lanzones fruit. The island is located north of Mindanao. We flew PAL to Cagayan de Oro then took a 5 hr jeepney ride to the port then took a 45 min ferry ride to the island. We stayed mostly on the northwest side in a small town called Agohay. You can hire a jeepney to take you around the island for a fee. It would take you all day to do it but there's a lot to see including hot springs, the cemetery submerged in the ocean floor and Mt. Hibok Hibok. Most of the sand here is coarse and black from the volcano. I didn't see a lot of sun bathers nor snorkeling. Just on White island near Agohay.