Claysite Ceramics by my husband Tom Decker. He teaches ceramics at Sacramento State University and City College of San Francisco. He also exhibits his artwork locally and globally.

Thanh Huu Do A very talented and prolific artist. Also a long time friend and fellow photographer. Before making San Francisco his home, he taught photography in Besançon, France. He grew up in Hue, Vietnam.

Joanne Ruggles My college professor who continues to teach me about art and life. A beautiful person who creates artwork that reflects her deep passions. She sent me an article a while back about a lesson in beauty and art and whether we can still recognize it. Pearls Before Breakfast World class violinst Joshua Bell performs incognito at a metro station in Washington DC.

Silk Roaders A year long journey in 2006 on the Silk Road by dear friends Rabih & Susanne Khoury who I met in Vietnam on a boat tour in Nha Trang in 2000.

Sidetrip Friend Howie Severino, one of the most passionate filipinos I know who covers anything dealing with the Philippines and being filipino. I'm a big fan of his journalism. He keeps Filipinos at home and abroad informed about current issues in the Philippines. Thank you Howie!

Jo Kader My best friend. A very creative, mellow, smart & talented Graphic Designer. One of the few people I know with good taste. We studied design together at Cal Poly State University, SLO.

John Yoyogi Fortes Amazing painter and friend. He is making his own Filipino American journey through his paintings. He has a cute daughter, Coco. I met his wife Heather Monahan in college. She studied photography and worked professionally in New York. She is now a devoted mother.

Kathleen Edwards A dear friend and artist with alot of depth in her art. Her detailed paintings tell many stories.