Shepperds in Crete - July 06
Here's a list of some of my favorite places to eat and shops for good ingredients. If you have any other suggestions, email me! I'm always on the look out for good places.
Angel Fish - Alameda; my favorite sushi restaurant; the fish is always fresh and full of flavor
Ray's Sushi - Hayward; very generous size nigiris and the fish is fresh

(vietnamese sandwiches) - El Cerrito; a sandwich for 2 bucks?! YES! and it's good too

Ong Pin
- South San Francisco; they have the best sisig
Alido's - South San Francisco; very family friendly and delicious traditional filipino dishes; my favorite is their sinigang
Irma's Pampanga Restaurant - Mission District, San Francisco; great soul food; some of the best filipino food I've tasted; Irma's turon is famous - you have to try for yourself and realize why

Uncle Chungs
(szechuan) - Pinole; great service, good food and not too greasy
Ten Ren (teas and pearl tea) - Richmond & SF Chinatown; my favorite place to get hot pearl tea - it's consistently good
Daimo (hong kong style) - Richmond; one of the better shrimp wonton soup I've tasted; their salt & pepper tofu is very tasty too

- Berkeley; very good chicken satays; one my favorite dishes is Cah Kangkung - water spinach with beef, garlic and boiled egg simmered in oyster sauce

Pyung Chang
- Oakland; very yummy (& spicy) soft tofu

Picante - Berkeley; good Mexican food and healthy too. Their agua fresca are refreshing; their mexican coffee is yummy
Cesars (spanish) - Berkeley; good tapas
Otaez - Oakland; yummy seafood soup
Toledo's - Fresno; my favorite place for albondigas soup (meatball & rice soup)

The House
- San Francisco, North Beach; one of my favorite appetizers is deep fried salmon roll with chinese hot mustard; I love how the ice tea is served with a whole lychee
Moose's - San Francisco, North Beach; nice setting with a view of Washington Square; consistently good dishes; good place for a special meal
Cafe Rouge - Berkeley; good fancy meat place; nice bar too

- San Francisco, North Beach; one of the best Italian restaurants; their pizza with arugula and procuitto is out of this world; I love their marinated green beans and their broccoli and pasta dish too

Cafe Jacqueline
(souffles) - San Francisco, North Beach; they serve savory and dessert souffles; my favorite is the chocolate souffle. I love how the main chef has a huge bowl of eggs in the back kitchen. It must contain a hundred eggs plus her good luck egg to keep those souffles magnificent...

Viks Chaat Corner
- Berkeley; good, fast food that you can take a vegetarian friend to; I like their samosas and mango lassi; I still have yet to try their big puff breads
Cafe Raj - Berkeley; good southern Indian food where most of the cooks are women

Stella Pastry
(italian cakes, cookies & pastries) - San Francisco, North Beach; famous for their canolli as well as their Sacripantina cake ~ our wedding cake
Acme Bakery (pastries & bread) - Berkeley; nothing but real good bread; their currant cinnamon loaf is very tasty
La Farine (pastries, bread & cake) - Berkeley; yummy pastries - the apple croissant is my favorite...
Tartine Bakery (pastries, cakes, quiche) - San Francisco; when you eat the food here, it's like you've died and gone to heaven...; amazing quiches, pastries, and cakes; I often find myself back in line after eating there
Farley's (cafe) - San Francisco, Potrero Hill; very sweet cafe
Axis Cafe (cafe) - San Francisco, Potrero Hill; modern cafe with a fireplace & patio; great for wireless connections; good lunches and the best cappuccino
Peet's Coffee & Tea (cafe) - 4th St; Solano Ave; Walnut & Vine - all in Berkeley
Alexis Baking Company (cakes, quiche... also breakfast & lunch) - Napa; I can't stop thinking of their apricot pistachio cake which was introduced to me by Margrit Biever ~ queen of Napa Valley
Neldams Danish Bakery - Oakland; they make the best fresh strawberry whip cream cake; they're also famous for their chocolate Dream cake - the name says it all

Bette's Oceanview Diner
(breakfast) - Berkeley
Fat Apples (breakfast, pies, cakes) - El Cerrito; good chocolate cake, scones & ollalaberry pie & jam...

(lunch) - Emeryville; good soups
Zand's (persian deli) - Albany; best falafel

(pizza) - Berkeley & Oakland; good Chicago style deep dish pizza; my favorite is the deep dish spinach and mushroom
Cheeseboard (cheese, pizza, pastries) - Berkeley
Barney's (burgers) - Berkeley; I would like a popeye burger, curly fries and a chocolate shake when I'm taking my last breathe!
Goia - Berkeley; quick gourmet pizzas by the slice (~$3) or a whole pie (~$20) ; located on Hopkins St. near Montterey market

Kou Kou Baya (chocolate cake & everything else) - Chania, Crete
The Fish Place (cretan) - Chania, Crete
Harborview (filipino) - Ermita, Philippines
Viewsite (filipino) - Tagaytay, Philippines
Amici's (italian) - Makati, Philippines; good Italian food in the Philippines?! YES! Gelato too; run by priests from Italy; located at the Don Bosco church

Tokyo Fish Market (japanese grocery) - Berkeley; one of the best selections of fresh fish and sushi fish too; excellent produce and a good selection of asian ingredients
Spanish Table (spanish ingredients, wares, & much more) - Berkeley; they sell Spanish wine, port and the biggest paella pan you've ever seen and also all the ingredients you need to make paella
Monterey Market (produce) - Berkeley; good selections of veges and fruits if you can deal with the crowds